About Me

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The girl behind the blog is me. I’m Karen. I once actually lived on the farm (yes, including cows and meadows) with my parents, but now live in a busy city. When I started blogging with this blog in January 2009, it was my love for writing, and although there were some passions, I could still not live without my place on the Internet.

By the time I started blogging and making videos on my thirties, I recorded my entire puberty on the internet and content creation has become more than normal to me. In addition to writing for my blog, I also make YouTube videos and am busy with my music career. Also, I like to drink coffee, as often as possible, I look at the starry sky and hug every day with goats (or any other animal, I like them all).

My blog shares everything that I do mostly, like traveling, cooking and playing music. Oh, almost forgot, I also write about coffee since I really love coffee, can’t live without it. I am a famous chef, but I love to share some of my home recipes. If you want to try, go right ahead.

So, welcome to my blog and enjoy!